about kitti, about Him



Hello kiddies.

i am Lihi Tyrus.

Is that my real name? Hell no. But it is the name this pretty kitti have chosen for myself while i document my journey into becoming His.

His? He who?

Him. My future husband, the future father to the super-stinkin’ cute children we’re going to have. My Dom, my Master. Daddy.

i have known Him for a few years now, but we have only been serious recently. Only recently have i discovered how much His powerful, dominant nature called to my long-existing but unused submissive nature. i have always considered myself submissive in the bedroom, but upon having His dominance call to me, i knew then that i would be irrevocably His. i would be His sub, His slave and His future wife and mother of His children.

But being sexually submissive in no way prepared me for the life ahead with Him. So while He is leading me to holy matrimony, He will be also guiding me in my training to be His.

This blog will serve as a journal to my thoughts. Lurk around if you want, comment if you must. Hopefully, my secret thoughts (well, not any more) will help guide you into the BDSM lifestyle.

See you around kiddies,