caucus race and a long tale 

Would you look at that? It wasn’t until after posting my last update that i used the title of the first two chapters from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. So i am gonna continue doing so. Who knows? The references to the book could be my way of dealing with my emotional turmoil. 

Yeahhhhhh… i am full of shit. Anywho. This post was inspired while writing the last one. A two-for, lucky you. 

This is an official proclamation, an assertion to my Dom. So here goes: 

Although i am mostly enjoying our adjustment into 24/7, You are first and foremost my Daddy, Dominant and Master. 

You are Daddy. You are to exemplify humility and involvement. You are a listener and make Yourself available for teaching moments. You are to be nurturing and emphatic to Your babygirl’s emotional needs. 

You are Dom. You are to exemplify direction and safety.  You are to be knowledgeable and consistent. You are to cultivate passion and desire in Your dynamic. You are her guiding light. You are to ignite sexual awareness within her. You are to uplift and invigorate Your sub’s physical needs. 

You are Master. Your word is bond and law. You are the head, the guide. You are to train Your subject to match her will to Yours, for her to be an extension of You, to be of one with You. Through order, rules and tasks, You are to strengthen and energize Your subject’s mental needs. 

i feel it, the realization of my turmoil. i feel my submission ebbing away because the passion is gone. 

No more do i see the look of desire in Your eyes when You look at me. The look of You wanting to devour me. 

No more do i feel Your possessive hands on my body or feel the rough kiss on my lips to intentionally take my breath away. 

The imbalance is there. i am not feeling the dominance from you, and i am reacting poorly.  

Feelings of sadness and hurt constantly dwell within me and i feel… alone. When i say i want to be close to You, it means i don’t feel close to You. That wedge between Your dominance and my submissiveness is getting wider. 

Oh God, how i love you. i love You, the man. The Dom. The Master. The man You are, and the man You want to be. 

Please don’t question my love. Please accept my submission. My submission to You as Your sub, Your subject and Your lifemate and mother to Your children. 

i do not only ask You for Your guidance, for Your love, for Your dominance. i demand it, i crave it. i am hungry, thirsty. i ache for the subsistence Your dominance provides for me. 

Are You listening? i need You. You have purpose, You are my purpose. i am Yours. 


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