talkin’ about my girl

Hey everyone, this is kitti’s Dom. she’s a bit under the weather so I decided to take over a post for a bit.

I was feeling courteous after her latest assignment on telling three ways that she loved about Me, so I decided to directly tell her three ways that I love about her.


“I love that you’re unbelievably faithful. That you forsake all others and things to make sure I am pleased and that you are in My good graces every day. That you do not waiver in doing whatever I want or need, to make sure I am taken care of.

Your obedience is so refreshing. It is amazing how you don’t think twice in obeying Me. You just do. It’s like you literally enjoy submitting yourself even to the part of slave for Me. That you submit to allow Me whatever I want with your body. You obey every command and always give me 110%. In fact, when I think of a slave, I think of you. You kneel before Me in worship. You kneel before and pay Me respect, loyalty and obedience. You idolize Me as alpha and omega, and I so enjoy and appreciate it.

I love your honesty. You are 120% honest in all things. Whether it’s emotions or your regular day-to-day activities. I can’t ever see you lying to Me. Or hiding things from Me. You open yourself up to Me all the way and let Me see everything. your honesty makes Me feel like a king, like I have full control over you.”

Yes pretty kitti pleases Me greatly. I am enjoying her progress in her becoming my sub, and I look forward when she completes her training.



One thought on “talkin’ about my girl

  1. My beloved! It gives me great joy seeing how much i please my Daddy. i am still thankful at the opportunity to being your sub and i can’t wait to continue to be so.


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