3 things i love about Him

Hey lurkers, pretty kitti lihi here to talk about… Him. My Dom/Daddy/Master and my future husband and father to our children. There are so many out there that love gushing about their beaus, but i tend to keep my bragging to a minimum, as i rather keep Him all  to myself. i don’t like to share lol.

But, i decided to show my Dom some extra appreciation today. How much do i love thee? Let me count three ways:

He is ambitious. i love seeing drive in a man, and i love it even more in my Dom. And it’s not necessarily career ambition either, although He’s pretty awesome in that too. He often puts in 18-20 hours a day to work and to go to school. Yes, it’s tough as i don’t get to see him as often as i would like (which is 24/7, if i want to keep it real), but it’s a means to an end. i love to see Him work to get the things He wants in life. Everything He does and will do is towards the life He wants to have for Himself and our family. He works hard for His money, so that His money will work harder for Him. You gotta love and appreciate a hard-working man.

He is fun. When i first met Daddy, i thought He was serious. He had such a stoic quietness about Him. i had a huge crush on Him for like 2-3 years until He decided to approach me (because I am a scaredy cat).  Even after that, i still thought He was a little reserved. What i didn’t realize at the time was that i was actually experiencing His dominance and that He was stalking His prey. But as time went on, i discovered how silly, crazy and flirtatious He really was. Funny too. i find that a sense of humor is the sexiest thing on a man, and boy, did He have one. He always makes me laugh in spite of myself, and between His charisma and His flirting, i was doomed. i am hooked, totally gaga over this Man. i often find myself blushing and grinning like an idiot throughout the day. Damn, i got it bad.

He is passionate. If His ambition or His mirth didn’t get to me, then His passion certainly did. i can watch Him for hours while He lists His favorite bands or describes His dream car or truck. The way those pretty ass eyes light up on His handsome face with that slow smile… makes me absolutely melt. i don’t see too many people who get this excited about their interests, so i am grateful that i get to experience this side of Him. Another passion i am appreciative for, is His passion for me. i never have to wonder about His desire for me, as it shows clearly on His face. And of course, His “The Smolder” face gets me so riled up, which is not a big feat anyway. His presence, His voice alone keeps me in a constant state of arousal. i am always ready for Daddy.

i could go on and on about Daddy, but He only asked for three. i enjoyed this exercise, as it got me to really contemplate all of the things that attracts me to Him. God, I love that Man.

Stay kinky my friends,
kitti lihi


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